Quality Control

Offset Multicolor adheres to the strictest quality measures and procedures to ensure excellence in all the projects we engage in. To achieve this, we comply with the following measures: we use an X-Rite spectrophotometer coupled with Q.A. Lite software to compare the printed samples with the benchmark and analyze the results based on spectral curves, LAB scales, and other indicators.

Next, we use the latest color control software to perform three color-reading assessments per hour on each press in order to automatically stabilize and amend ink densities and ensure the correct transmittance of ink on paper.

We test the resistance of the binding by subjecting the samples to flexibility tests every hour. Furthermore, we frequently measure ink density and dot gain in the application of ink on every press using the Print Expert System by Brunner. Finally, we carry out 72 tests daily to measure density and point percentages in each press using an X-Rite 918 tristimulus reflection colorimeter.

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